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About Us

Since 2013, Medspo is a supplier of high quality Dental, Surgical, Implant, Medical and Beauty products. We sell brand new products made of high quality Stainless Steel. Our products are also CE marked and fully conformed to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. Range of our products include dental explorers, probes, orthodontic pliers, scalars, composite instruments, Thomas waxing instruments, curettes, endodontic spreaders, filling instruments, wax and modelling carvers, plaster and alginate spatulas, scissors, amalgam carrier, thinning scissors, fancy scissors, razors, foot filers, nail filers, nail nippers and cutters, blackhead removers and a wide range of other medical and surgical products.

Our aim is to become market leader in supply of dental, medical and beauty products, meeting our prestigious customers' expectations and providing best customer service. We believe in winning clients trust by selling high quality products.